SEO and Marketing Automation

You sell something great. But you have competition. How many businesses in your area or around the world do the same thing you do? How do you get a leg up on them? Search engines like Google provide prospective customers with sites it feels are the most credible. Codemen knows how to get your site found, trusted and establish it as the leader in your industry! No other marketing technique has a greater impact on the customer buying cycle. In the post-Penguin and Panda world the rules are changing, and you need someone in your corner who knows the big marketing picture. We don’t just stop at SEO or paid lead generation, we set you up and train you with Marketing Automation.


Keyword Research

Google now directs traffic to sites which provide strong user experience, not simply those which are heavily saturated with keywords. UXO is about context over content, click-ability, scroll-ability and usability for your site. We will find out what your clients/users are looking for and competitors are targeting. We will work with you to do content development to make sure you can place yourself in front of your customer and ahead of your competition.


SEO Audit On-page Optimization

To a search engine, a website is not simply pretty images and bunch of text. It evaluates 500 million variables, things a human may never understand, unless you were on the core ranking team that wrote Google’s search algorithm! Our SEO audits use sophisticated technology to analyze how search engines view your site, identify the problems and structure content for maximum conversion within the context of constant change.


Competitive SEO Analysis

Organic SEO is the bedrock of your online presence. If you’re not doing constant analysis and making changes to move your search rank forward, you’re losing customers to someone who is. Our Competitive SEO Analysis helps you understand which of your competitors’ sites are outranking yours and more importantly, WHY? Imagine if you could identify what your competitor is doing right, and if that is a successful strategy that you can replicate. We help you understand:
Which organic keywords are your competitors targeting?
Which critical backlinks have your competitors gained from the global web community?
Which PPC keywords are your competitors buying and what are they spending per click?


Off-page SEO Analysis

We help you create strategy on link building, social media campaign, capturing in bound links from old pages and reputation. We then teach you how to use high-quality, engaging content to gain authority over competitors.


SEO Metrics

Landing the #1 search ranking is the holy grail of SEO. True, but there’s more to it than that. Landing the #1 search ranking doesn’t necessarily mean you will be selling more of your product or services than someone who is not even listed in the first page. By digging into the right SEO metrics, you can analyze your conversion system and fine-tune it to fill in any cracks. We’ll install and manage site tagging scripts on your site – such as Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools – to give you holistic, meaningful insight into what drives revenue for your business.


Other Techniques and Services

Monthly keyword performance in the BIG 3 search engines
Massive improvement in keyword ranking
Competitive keyword ranking for top competitors
Keep your brand safe by protecting yourself against hacks as a result of Negative SEO! We know which SEO factors are easy targets for a negative SEO campaign such as hacking, fake reviews and link tampering. We can detect and shut down potential black hat tactics and attacks by aggressive competitors.
Recovery services from Penguin and Panda attack.
SEO Best Practices training for your in-house team
Local SEO and Video SEO


Other Techniques and Services

Marketing automation is extremely important. Your list is your biggest asset. As you generate leads you need to keep them happy, nurture them periodically; build different funnels to monetize your list. Make it so when they need the services you offer, your are the clear choice. Using different CRM tools and landing page, video sales letter and other techniques we can help you increase your conversion rate and build up your list.

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