Apache Thrift For Big Gains

Beyond Languages… As an outsource software development team we often end up working with people having expertise from different frameworks and languages. Different tools have their own advantages and shortcomings, and it’s our responsibility to use the best tool suited for a particular task to provide the client with superior products. The first essential in Read More

What Exactly Is QRTI.ME

Imagine having accounting, HR and security departments right on your phone? That’s exactly what QRTi.me is. As an employer, you can manage employee timesheets for payroll, attendance and keep track of employee vacation schedules. But QRT.me also lets you restrict access to areas across multiple locations by a cloud-based solution compatible with both iOS and Read More

Spark And Spark SQL Ignites Hadoop With Speed And Accuracy

There are several tools for  Big Data analysis including Hadoop, which is favored by most developers. The reason is that Hadoop framework is based on a simple programming model named Map-Reduce, which enables a computing solution that is scalable, flexible, fault-tolerant and cost effective .  But a major concern  is speed. There is a noticeable Read More

Deep Learning Algorithms: Somethings to ponder about

The concept of artificial intelligence has been around as long as the idea of the computer itself. But solving artificial intelligence problems with a set of predefined rules proved to be difficult, if not impossible. Recently, with access to huge amounts of data, older machine learning algorithms have been producing extraordinary accuracy in doing tasks. Read More

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