Spark And Spark SQL Ignites Hadoop With Speed And Accuracy

There are several tools for  Big Data analysis including Hadoop, which is favored by most developers. The reason is that Hadoop framework is based on a simple programming model named Map-Reduce, which enables a computing solution that is scalable, flexible, fault-tolerant and cost effective .  But a major concern  is speed. There is a noticeable Read More

Deep Learning Algorithms: Somethings to ponder about

The concept of artificial intelligence has been around as long as the idea of the computer itself. But solving artificial intelligence problems with a set of predefined rules proved to be difficult, if not impossible. Recently, with access to huge amounts of data, older machine learning algorithms have been producing extraordinary accuracy in doing tasks. Read More

Interesting Use of Number Theory in URL Shortener

When You Consider Infinity, The Solution Is Very Practical Assigning a Unique Number to a Unique String: There are 95 printable ASCII characters. That means every word, sentence, paragraph, essay, poem, book, legal document, constitutions, everything ever written in modern English can be represented by combinations of these 95 symbols. And here’s another point, combinations Read More

To Xamarin Or Not To Xamarin

Xamarin is a very well known cross-platform for mobile app development, because it is flexible. It can be used to develop native Android, iOS, MAC and Windows application at the same time. Xamarin makes it possible to use .NET or C# to produce these applications. That means a single shared C# codebase is enough to develop mobile apps for Read More

Outsourcing development solution: The five benefits

Is your company overwhelmed by the tasks it must complete? You might want to consider outsourcing. Simply put, outsourcing is when a company assigns certain tasks to a third party. This choice comes with several benefits, the most important ones are outlined below.   Lower Cost The most popular reason for opting to outsource is Read More

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