Interesting Use of Number Theory in URL Shortener

When You Consider Infinity, The Solution Is Very Practical Assigning a Unique Number to a Unique String: There are 95 printable ASCII characters. That means every word, sentence, paragraph, essay, poem, book, legal document, constitutions, everything ever written in modern English can be represented by combinations of these 95 symbols. And here’s another point, combinations Read More

Outsourcing development solution: The five benefits

Is your company overwhelmed by the tasks it must complete? You might want to consider outsourcing. Simply put, outsourcing is when a company assigns certain tasks to a third party. This choice comes with several benefits, the most important ones are outlined below.   Lower Cost The most popular reason for opting to outsource is Read More

The Top Five Signs Your SEO Company is Black Hat

A black hat SEO company uses SEO strategies that don’t follow Google’s guidelines. While on the surface it may seem easier to use black hat SEO to get ranking, because it’s quicker, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your website Because this ranking doesn’t last long, and it has potentially devastating Read More