User Experience And The Human Appendix

User Experience is like the human appendix. You don’t know about it until it becomes a pain. And by then, the only solution is radical. The prescription is to make each User experience intuitive. Simple to say a challenge to execute because each website has its unique aspects for navigation.


Unlike the appendix though, User Experience is essential. If a User doesn’t feel comfortable visiting a company’s website or app, and by comfortable we mean ease of use, that company will not only end up losing the client but run the risk of losing future clients when that User speaks badly of the company.


In the Internet’s good old days, the late 1990s and early 2000s, Users came to a service provider’s door because there weren’t many others on the street. Now it’s not that easy.  Manufacturers and service providers are playing in a very competitive market. And as Ayrton Senna said, “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” So to stand out you must give clients and prospective clients something extra. And the foundation on which that’s built is User Experience. That doesn’t mean having only a website or app.


The software developer you choose must make certain that clients are able to use your website or app intuitively. The User Experience needs to be worthy of the time a person is spending on your platforms. That’s all great you say. But can you give me something concrete? Yes, User Experience is key for real estate management applications because of the varied and dense content, like lease status, vacancy versus occupancy of buildings and property groups.


That’s why a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded real estate firm came to us seeking a solution to the problem of making a data visualization interface that incorporated this information in an intuitive User friendly manner. After understanding and streamlining the requirements, we started working on the problem based on an auto generated User Interface data visualization tool.


This tool is built on an industry standard “stacking plan” that follows today’s standard of web/app graphic visualization interactivity which has become part of our online DNA. This enhanced the company employees’ capability to interact with the building data, right down to their floors and unit level. We also developed a cloud solution to connect the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data. This provided all team members with the information and tools needed to perform their daily leasing activity quickly and efficiently wherever they may be.
As a result, employee productivity and usability increased. For example, building leases allowed focus to be given on the properties’ units that would soon be coming to term, which helped the brokers or internal leasing team to center their marketing efforts on those. Additionally, our new “stacking plan” application increased tenant satisfaction by providing requests quicker.

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