The Virtual Bulging Briefcase and Premise Library

Premise Library

The Virtual Bulging Briefcase Is Still A Pain To Carry. But There’s A Codemen App; Premise Library!

The bulging briefcase can be a pain to carry both literally and virtually. Not only does it weigh the person carrying it down by scrambling to find information in an efficient manner, it costs time, money and the patience of the client’s waiting for answers. How can information can be found quickly, modified, selectively accessed by Users and still remain organized? This was exactly the challenge that a large real estate company posed to Codemen.

In order to be responsive to tenants’ needs, a building manager spends most of his time visiting properties. It is a day of meetings that has the manager answering questions about specific procedures for maybe twenty different buildings, following up on service requests for tenants, checking in with his office on the delivery status of new equipment and relaying building specific new employee hire information. Add on to this the fact that most of the information needs to be accessed by others who could accidentally compromise it, and it’s easy to see how disorder can become the norm.

After a business analysis of this company, Codemen developed Premise Library, a cloud based app for the ordered flow and modification of information. Premise Library functions in both Android and iOS, because flexibility is integral. It was developed in .NET using both MySQL and Mongo databases. Manuals are now digitized, real time in the field updates are possible, such as building specific notes as well as uploading of files.  Most important, Premise Library was developed with an intuitive User Interface, like a side menu for personalized most searched options. Content access and modification can be set by User permission or geo-location.

The result was an elimination of the bulging briefcase and an efficient flow of information access, addition and general modification allowing tenants to have their questions answered accurately and quickly.

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