UX & Responsive Design

If you want to keep up in the rapidly-shifting digital landscape, you have to make sure you present well to prospective clients. Your site has to be built in such a way that is both Google and user-friendly. It is essential for you to have someone in your corner that understands the most effective methods to bring highly-targeted traffic to your site, and hypnotize them into doing what you want.
Codemen provides custom web application designs to help you stand out from your competitors. We provide more than just modern and stylish design. We also take the UX-first approach to ensure an intuitive architecture that guides the user through the actions you want them to follow. Your website or application needs to be cohesively designed to remain focused to one purpose and guide your user to an established aim.



Research is the first step to identify your key customer, what their needs are, and how to most effectively convince them to buy. We use this data to contribute to the visual setup of your site and the user experience. This ensures the design is created with your end user in mind, and reduces the need for expensive re-work before a single line of code is written.



Research findings enable us to plan with our clients what the most effective path is for them to get to market. Instead of focusing solely on fancy features and functions, we consider the holistic needs of the users who will be using the product. You can utilize any of the multitude of strategic tools in our arsenal to hone in on your clients’ needs. The result is that we establish meaningful user experience strategies for our clients, success metrics, deliverables, and long-term success.



Imagine if the digital experiences of your customer were set up to flawlessly reflect your business’ brand, vision and goals. Taking the Research and Strategic findings, we start the iterative design process. Through a variety of collaborative techniques we generate a consistent and reusable design inventory as we progress through design process. Throughout all of this, we maintain our user-friendly focus, to make sure your company is catering to their specific needs.


Mobile & Responsive Design

If your website is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, then you are definitely losing potential customers. Google’s new algorithm is giving priority to sites that are mobile responsive. We ensure every site we build translates smoothly so it can be viewed on desktops and mobile devices. If it suits your needs and budget, we can also create a dedicated mobile site, for a very customized mobile experience that allows your clients a more personal, handheld-focused experience.


Responsive Web Design To The Rescue

A website that reconfigures itself based on the screen-size is called a responsive web design. Your website is automatically shifted and recalibrated based on the medium on which it is being viewed, whether it is a standard computer monitor, tablet or mobile. To increase usability and reduce the consequences of losing prospective clients, web designers and developers have devised a method that will automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution. This takes away the need for separate mobile website development in most cases.

Mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing over the next few years. Online businesses are now looking forward to adapting new strategies to render users a feature-rich experience using a responsive design. And since responsive design makes website compatible with devices of almost all sizes, enterprises can attract customers without a lot of additional cost.


UX-Focused Architecture

Before we dive in and start putting together a website or app, we need to identify what exactly your stakeholders want out of it, and construct a blueprint accordingly. Imagine an architectural diagram of a building. When organized according to a well-researched structure, you can create an effective platform for your users and stakeholders. Your users will appreciate being able to find what they need, and will be more likely to buy as a result.
Information architecture (IA) is an essential aspect of design that focuses on the user experience and simplifying their ability to find content. Information Architecture also involves defining the components for finding information on your site. Consequently, good information architecture results in applications and products that are easier to use and information that is easier to find.


Web Development

Codemen’s development team provides development support for a wide variety of websites ranging from static web pages, to complex content management systems and applications. We build powerful, easy-to-use websites and applications that can be customized to revolutionize your company’s online presence.

Internet or web-based applications are extremely popular because of cross-platform compatibility, easy deployment, and reduced upkeep and maintenance costs. Whatever the reasons and whichever kind of application you would like to develop, we can provide the support you require to successfully implement the system you require. You can access services including web applications, custom WordPress websites, WordPress-based Intranet/Extranet solutions, eCommerce sites, content management systems, rich internet applications, and solutions using Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint.

Keeping up with the very latest technologies, we utilize NodeJS, MetorJS and ReactJS to create real time applications, creating a socket connection between server and client for real-time communication. Satisfied clients come from various sectors, including IT, BPO, healthcare, retail, financial sectors and Government.


Web App Development with ASP.NET





Open Source and free, LAMP stack is a popular platform for building and hosting web applications. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. With recent rise of NoSQL databases more and more enterprises are adding MongoDB or Cassenda to the LAMP stack. Taking advantage the Open Source community to get a fast start on your build is important for a startup or a big enterprise in a rush to get a new project to market. This can greatly reduce your ongoing cost when it comes to licensing. We have built and contributed to the Open Source platform for last 8 years. Get in touch with us to find out if this is the right platform for you.


Node.js/MeteorJS/ReactJS Applications

react   Meteor   node 

Node.js is a developer platform built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It aggregates the qualities of other server-side languages to produce an irresistible package that is modular, accessible, and concise. Meteor, or MeteorJS is a real-time JavaScript web application framework written on top of Node.js. It is production-ready and used by a number of high-profile startups.

ReactJS is intended to help developers build large applications that use data that changes over time. Its goal is to be simple and declarative. ReactJS is considered to be the ideal in the MVC software pattern, and can be used in conjunction with other Javascript libraries or larger MVC frameworks such as AngularJS.

This engine is maintained by the same people who built Facebook, Instagram, as well as a community of individual developers and corporations. Making it work with .NET is possible using ReactJS.NET makes it easier to use Facebook’s React and JSX from C# and other .NET languages.





WordPress has grown to be the largest self-hosted website CMS. Gone are the days when it was simply viewed as a blogging tool.  Codemen developed comprehensive solutions like an Intranet/Extranet solution with AD integration, multi-site solution, ecommerce and social networking solution for one of our clients using a combination of custom plug ins, external APIs and community plug ins to reduce the cost significantly

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