Computer vision & AI

Computer Vision

Computer vision is used behind the artificial systems that extract specified or unspecified information from images to create searchable and usable meta-data to build up a data repository that is more than just images or video sequence. The image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional data from a medical scanner or 3D scanner.


OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision), Matlab, AForge are some of the libraries programming functions aimed at real-time computer vision. These libraries can be used on real-time image processing or stored images or streams. At Codemen we pick the proper library or combination of libraries to fulfill the project requirement.

Use cases:

  • Patron movement
  • Popular spots in an event
  • Factory line product count
  • People detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Object detection
  • Image search
  • Parking space security and automation of payment

Machine Learning

Machine learning methods are getting more and more popular in natural language processing systems, to teach machines to understand human language not only in terms of their words, but their meaning. Applying statistical techniques and predictive modeling, legal document abstraction, converting factual data to articles whatever the use case is our Ai scientists can build trained systems for specific uses.


Social Sentiment Analysis

We built a machine learning system to extract subjective information from social conversations. The automated tool analyzes social media posts regarding your brand and generates trend reports. For premium accounts, we add a final layer of human audit that ensures 100% accuracy.

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