Cloud & Mobile Development

Cloud Strategy

We help clients find solutions to concerns such as:

  • On what computing resources should the business be running?
  • What computing infrastructure strategy suits our business?
  • What tools should be used to build and run custom solutions?
  • What strategic application platforms are right for us?
  • How should we mix custom and off-the-shelf solutions?
  • How can we ensure effective portfolio management?

Cloud Migration and Cloud Integration

For cloud applications to offer maximum value to their users, they need to provide a simple mechanism to import or load external data, export or replicate their data for reporting or analysis purposes, and keep their data synchronized with on-premise applications. We extend support to businesses to integrate on-premise applications with cloud-based ones.


Mobile App Development


iOS Applications


We work with you from conception, architecture, design, and development of the app through getting it listed in the App Store.

When you come to the Codemen for your mobile application, trust that we strive for perfection in every app we build. Our iOS team has cutting edge knowledge of iOS development environment, SDK, and APIs. We recently built a SaaS-based Mobile Device Management Solution called TappTally – which gave us in-depth knowledge of lot of capabilities that most people don’t even know about.

In addition our team has proven expertise in optimization, security, and memory management. We worked with Citrix XenApp, Samsung Knox, MobileIron and AirWatch to secure corporate apps. Find out more about TappTally here. (Link to TappTally Presentation)

If you want an app built for social media integration, streaming, GPS, maps, augmented reality, push messaging, ad serving, web services integration and database synchronization, you’re in the right place. Our proven development process shaves weeks off your development timeline. Satisfied professionals include healthcare, media, entertainment, tourism, transportation and more.

Apps for Android


Codemen has been developing Android applications for clients right since the early days of Android.  We didn’t just stop at phone apps for Android. We developed Apps for IoTs (Internet of Things) and wearable devices like Google Glass etc.

Our TappTally MDM provides us insight all the dark and bright corners of Android development. Interfacing with the phone through the SDK, we deliver applications that can make us of existing device sensors such as camera, accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetometer, light sensors and exchange data via Bluetooth or near field communication.

Our expertise in Android app development is best illustrated in the apps we have built. Whether you are interested in web services integration, OAuth authorization, push messaging, augmented reality, social network integration, real time navigation and user interaction, background processing, or data syncing with remote database; our team has built applications that integrate and utilize all of these.


Windows Phone


Windows phone is one of the most trusted platforms with enterprise users. It is unparalleled in its ability to provide enterprise-wide mobile security, ease of provisioning, carrier independence, solid integration with exchange and support for Office are some of the enterprise-friendly features of Windows Mobile.

Other advantages include support for a wide range of hardware from mobile phones to handhelds from different manufacturers, presence of a powerful development environment and debugging tool (Visual Studio), and general availability of developers who are conversant with the platform.

Microsoft has taken their initial release of the Windows Phone to new heights and become a legitimate contender for the top of the smart phone market with the release of Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 supports multiple resolutions and multi-core processors, near field communication, backwards compatibility with Windows Phone 7 apps, and removable storage.

Additionally, Windows Phone 8 includes features specifically aimed at the enterprise market, such as device management, BitLocker encryption, and the ability to create a private sub-marketplace to allow you to distribute apps to employees. Windows Phone 8 also supports over-the-air updates.


Cross Platform


Device diversity is a challenge of the past for businesses wanting to build mobile application. We can help take it on with our balanced understanding of frameworks that aid cross-platform development.

Building native applications for the breadth of popular devices is often laborious as it involves coding for each platform using a different language. That’s when Cordova came to the rescue! Building web apps using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries like jQuery Mobile or MeteorJS and compiling it with PhoneGap/Cordova allows you to release it through the MDM independently.

Cross-platform frameworks are not suitable for developing game or graphic-intensive apps; we suggest using OpenGL/Unity instead. We can help with that as well. However, they are well suited for an entire class of applications such as search, catalog and shopping apps.


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