Data Science

The present day organization generated tons of data within huge heterogeneous systems that are application-centric. This cause sit to be stored in unstructured formats and in poor quality. If you can’t make use of the information, what’s the point of gathering it? Unless you can break it down into plain language, you can’t use it for formulating strategies and making effective decisions. Codemen can help to generate Business Intelligence that draws from various methodologies, techniques, architectures, and tools to help an organization transform its raw data into meaningful information for strategic business decisions.


Data Analysis Services

We build a system that can store, process, visualize, and predict in almost flawless real-time and scalable at the same time.


With Codemen, you can:

  • Port data from relational databases onto NoSQL systems using Sqoop
  • Build efficient read-write in-memory solutions
  • Create visualizations of data stored on relational or non-relational systems using tools JasperSoft, Spago or Custom visualization tool like D3JS, HighChart JS
  • Perform social media sentiment analysis

Areas of Expertise

  • Text engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive analytics



Business Intelligence (BI)

Codemen’s Business Intelligence (BI) services help enterprises develop and implement systems that enable them to analyze data and track performance metrics. The goal is to enable businesses to make quick, informed decisions pertaining to customers, partners, and operations. Our approach to any BI solution can be visualized as a three-step process.


Tools We Use

  • JasperSoft
  • ETL
  • Spago
  • Mongo / Cassandra
  • Microsoft SSAS


Data Warehouse Development

This phase involves analyzing, designing, and building enterprise data warehouse by integrating data from a variety of online transaction processing source systems and converting them into useful information that businesses can act upon. This is usually coupled with the data-modeling phase and requires identifying entities involved in the business domain along with their relationships.


Reporting Solutions

  • Scorecards, KPIs
  • Static reporting
  • OLAP reporting
  • On-demand reporting
  • “What-if” analysis


Data Visualization

Data visualization is a powerful way to simplify the complexity of analysis – whether you are measuring past performance or extracting insights to drive future product and operational decisions. We use industry standard and leading data visualization tools to generate multiple types of charts, graphs, and reports on the analyzed data.


Visualization Tool

  • Spago
  • D3JS
  • Visualize.JS

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